The Catahoula Parish School Board believes the functions of school buildings and grounds shall be to accommodate approved school programs for students and to assist in meeting the educational, cultural, civic, social, and recreational needs of communities.  Use of school buildings by the community shall be considered a secondary function and shall be scheduled at times which do not interfere with regular school activities.


The usage of school facilities by individuals or groups shall be based on a properly documented application and governed by a signed lease agreement between the individual or group and the School Board.  The lease agreement shall contain, but not be limited to, the following:


  1. A "hold harmless" statement having the effect of holding the School Board free from any liability that may arise while the facilities are in use.

  2. A statement that the individual or group lessee shall assume all responsibility for damages and/or maintenance expenses invested in the building, directly or indirectly resulting from lessee's use.

  3. No school facilities shall be used for hazardous activities as determined by the Superintendent.


The School Board shall direct the Superintendent to maintain appropriate administrative regulations and procedures governing the use of school facilities.  These regulations shall contain, but not be limited to, the following:


  1. The principal shall be in charge of renting school facilities and the issuance of key(s) to such facilities.  This responsibility shall not be delegated to any other individual.  Provisions for the use of school facilities will be made during the school day.

  2. Any individual(s) renting school facilities shall be required to sign a form providing information as to date and time of use, etc.  This form shall be provided by the School Board office.

  3. Any individual(s) using facilities, other than those that are school related, shall be required to submit the required rental fees.

  4. Charges for use of school facilities will be $20.00 per hour for all hours including prep and clean-up.

  5. Rental of any facilities at any school or the Harrisonburg Warehouse must be secured with a deposit of $250 paid in advance in the form of a cashier’s check or money order.  One person with the group or organization renting shall be held responsible for the use of the facility.  Any damages to the facilities during the rental period will be deducted from the deposit to cover the cost of repair.  The deposit may also be used for any costs of clean-up if the facility if is left unclean.  Once the event is concluded, the deposit shall be returned after inspection of the facility on the next school business day, unless there are repairs or clean-up to be done.  In such case, any remaining deposit shall be returned after the repairs or clean-up are completed and amounts for such are deducted.

  6. Rental of any facilities at any school or the Harrisonburg Warehouse requires that a school faculty/staff member be present at all times.  The organization/person renting the facility will be responsible for obtaining this employee and for the payment of this person at a negotiated rate.  This person will be designated to open and close the facility for the renting group/organization.

  7. Rental of any of the cafeterias (excluding the Harrisonburg Warehouse) require a school food service employee to be present.  The organization/person renting the facility will be responsible for obtaining this employee and for payment of this person at a negotiated rate.

  8. Funds collected shall be reimbursed on a regular basis to the Catahoula Parish School Board.

  9. Principals shall have the authority to deny use to individuals unknown to him/her or to those who have proven untrustworthy in the care of school facilities.

  10. All facilities shall be left clean and orderly after each use.  If not, the deposit shall be used to cover the cost of clean-up.

  11. Student body members of the Catahoula Parish School System shall be exempt of any charge of facilities where there are organized classes or extracurricular activities and there is an instructor hired, or otherwise serving as instructor.

  12. In classes where there is a combination of adults and student body  members, divide the total number of the class into the applicable per-hour rate to determine what each person's charge is; exempt all student body members and charge adults their pro-rated share.

  13. If an organization will be using the facility for organized activities over a period of time or for physical activities including but not limited to sporting events, they must provide proof of $1,000,000 liability insurance.


The School Board shall prohibit the use of any facility under its governance for the purpose of partisan political activities or for activities prohibited by state and/or School Board policies or considered in any way contrary to the best interests of the school system.


Revised:  June 7, 2005

Revised:  May 5, 2015

Revised:  September 1, 2015



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Catahoula Parish School Board