The Catahoula Parish School Board shall grant a leave of absence to any regularly employed person of the school system who has been called or subpoenaed to serve jury duty.  Such leave shall be granted for the period of time required to serve such jury duty without loss of sick, emergency, or personal leave or any other benefit.  Should the employee learn of excusal from the jury duty prior to reporting to jury duty, he/she is obligated to report to work.  Jury duty shall not be deemed to interrupt service accumulated toward sabbatical leave.


An employee absent by subpoena to serve as a witness in court proceedings, including depositions, shall report such to his/her principal/immediate level supervisor stating the exact period of the absences, and whether or not he/she has any personal or financial interest in the legal proceedings.  If it is determined that the employee has a personal/financial interest, the absences shall be charged to current sick and emergency leave.  If it is determined that the employee has no personal/financial interests, the absences shall be officially excused without loss of sick, emergency, personal or annual leave or any other benefit.


Any employee abusing said leave shall be subject to disciplinary action.  Teachers authorized to serve jury duty and other court related appearances must leave lesson plans for the substitutes with their principal.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:1210


Catahoula Parish School Board