The Catahoula Parish School Board recognizes that a program of professional development and education is important for the constant professional growth and improvement of an employee.  Therefore, professional personnel shall be encouraged to keep up with new developments and take part in development opportunities in their academic fields and to cultivate an open mind and an experimental attitude toward current educational practices.


The School Board may annually develop a plan for in-service teacher educational programs in conformity with guidelines established by the Louisiana Department of Education.  The School Board shall utilize the advice of the members of its professional staff in developing the proposed plans.




The Catahoula Parish School Board is required by state and/or federal statute to ensure that teachers and other educational personnel meet minimum professional qualifications. To assist in satisfying the educational requirements imposed, teachers and paraprofessionals may be entitled to receive an exemption for tuition or reimbursement for eligible educational expenses.


Generally, monies expended for professional development shall be in accordance with specific guidelines and priorities the School Board has established each year.  If not dictated by the application’s provisions, priorities for teacher certification reimbursements shall be addressed in the following ranked order when grant monies are available:


  1. Teachers committed to a practitioner program at a university, inclusive of state testing.

  2. Teachers committed to an alternate certification program at a university, inclusive of state testing.

  3. Uncertified teachers pursuing coursework for state-required certification.

  4. Coursework to improve and increase teachers’ academic knowledge.

  5. Critical shortage areas stated specifically, if grant monies are available.  Teachers pursuing certification in principalship will be considered last as far as priorities.


Teacher certification costs shall receive priority over paraprofessional certification.  If a paraprofessional has submitted the denial of financial assistance, tuition reimbursements to a qualified institution of higher education may be provided if grant monies are available.


Documentation of passing grades, fee payments, and/or receipts must be submitted within four (4) weeks after the end of semester for reimbursement of coursework.  Passing scores on Praxis along with fee payments and/or receipts must be submitted for reimbursement within four (4) weeks after notification from Educational Testing Service (ETS).


Revised:  March, 2003

Revised:  June 4, 2019



Ref:    20 USC 6318 (Parent and Family Engagement)

20 USC 7801 (Strengthening and Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Schools)

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Catahoula Parish School Board